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    I would love to hear some suggestions for good, high protection and very functional case recomendations from folks that already have their 650's in use every day.

    It looks like I am going to have to order whatever case i get via the web, so i cant try it out first.

    In the past I have used various belt clips and with the 650 I expect to do the same. I dont know what to get through. Obviously I want something that will protect the 650 from being scuffed or knocked off my belt etc. I would like something that is either horizontal or rotates so that you dont have to remove it to sit down and drive. Obviously I would like something that is affordable as well.

    Any leads??
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    I like the horizontal belt clip pouch from Palm. I like to use the Treo w/o a cover. This case is EZ in and out. I have made two alterations: I created a pocket for SD cards on one end (perfect size within the indent of the pouch's seams). The Treo's antenna keeps them from bouncing out. On the other end -- I cut out to just below the headjack hole -- so you can slip the Treo in and out of the pouch without unplugging it. This is especially nice when listening to music and want to change songs or settings.
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    Thanks, I will have to check into that. Where is a good place to order that kind of accessories price wise?
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    nm... found some.
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    What did you use to create the pocket for your SD cards? Did you sew a pocket into the case using some type of fabric or did you make incisions into the case lining to house the sd card?
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    Krussel horizontec s-wide has the opyion of using belt loops or a belt clip. I have been using it for months and been very happy with it.

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    The Covertec horizontal case is really good. It has a magnetic latch, and the belt clip is not one of those removal ones that make the case stick out away from your belt. It has never come off of my belt unintentionally. I put my Treo in the case with the screen facing in for added protection. I have tried other cases, and I always come back to this one.
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    I use the P6 from TC with a skinned 650 screen facing in and it is great. Took a little over a day , including some manual "stretching" of the case flap, for it to form fit, but now it is perfect.
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    I have been using the Krussel case and only that one since I bought this 650 five months ago. I thought I was going to get others, but it turned out I haven't and I may not, especially if I don't find a metal hard case that doesn't stink.

    Best things about it: protects pretty well, does a good job of holding the SD card. Never thought I would hang it off my belt, either, because it looks so damned geeky, but it turns out it's really the simplest remedy. As a result, the security of the belt clip came to impress me -- it works quite well, rotates conveniently when I have to get into my car or otherwise sit down.

    Three shortcomings: 1) typing isn't really that great (though I have yet to hear about case that uses a keyboard cover that people actually like), 2) screen tapping doesn't work very well at the margins of the screen -- worst are in Calendar both the "Okay" screen button on the Event Set Time screen, or even worse, trying to hit the Details button while in the Day view. (As a matter of fact, how come there isn't a "Details" item on the pulldown??). And 3) the bottom cutouts take a few months to open up enough to allow the sync cable to fit without pulling.
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    Metal hard cases that you have to comfortably put up to your face would be a problem I think... for me anyway. I have a Rhino Skin case for my Axim, but i wouldnt want to try to talk into it with the case on.

    I went with Perry's suggestion, and found one for $10 shipped (yay Dan's Cellular on ebay) so I will try that for a bit. I hope Perry comes back and gives me a hint about the SD storage mod ;D
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    I've been trying to find a case that suits me for some time now, and actually bought this one for my canon sd500 camera (I've got more iPod cases than I can shake a stick at) On a whim, I tried putting the Treo in this one (mine has 3 square egrips on the back-no silicone skin) and it fits like a glove. I like the fact the case is lined with a very very soft fabric, and it has a plain but really sturdy metal clip (which is very low profile)

    Of course the top is open, so some caution is advised. I've been using it for a few weeks now, and no problems while walking, driving etc.. And at 14.99 at CompUSA it's a darn good deal!!!
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    I like the case from "speck products". It has the rubber protection with a plastic window for the screen, and a clip belt that actually works well. It covers the sd slot too, so no chance to lose the card.

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