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    I posted about this previously and got some advice from CESD, but it's not quite working:

    Here are the platforms:

    Old platform

    Dell desktop
    Visor Platinum
    DateBk V-5.0b
    Outlook 2000
    I use Desktop-to-go to sync CONTACTS ONLY with Visor. I do this
    because recurrence and alarms on todos and appts are crucial to me.
    I simply maintain todos/appts on visor.

    New platform

    IBM Thinkpad
    Treo 650
    DateBk latest version
    Outlook 2003
    Palm conduits (I plan to move to Chapura Professional XT once I have things working)

    Here's what I did:
    1. Upgraded to DateBk5 5.4a s4 on Dell
    2. Installed DateBk5 5.4a s4 on Thinkpad.
    3. Beamed DatebookDB file from Visor to Treo using ZCatalog. (I just wanted to try one of the pim files first--then I plan to xfer the others.)

    When I bring up datebk5, it just shows an empty calendar--it's clearly still looking at the default DB. From CESD, I gather that the latest version of datebk5 actually uses the Palm DBs directly (though I notice that there is still a datebk5DB file), so I thought that datebk5 would just recognize the presence of the beamed DatebookDB file and use the entries in that file. My guess is that the problem has to do with the fact that the OS on the Treo 650 doesn't use datebookDB but something like Calendar-PDat. Do I just rename datebookDB to Calendar-PDat?

    Though I doubt this is relevant, I do want to mention that my Contacts (but not calendar, note, or todo items) were already in Outlook on the Thinkpad, so I did a sync to xfer these, and that worked fine.

    Rob Oaks
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    Check that you have all your categories visible.

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