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    Got my LMP - still waiting for the Jabra A210. Meanwhile, I tried to charge the LMP and I'm confused about what I'm seeing. The user manual says the "Charger LED" will be green while it's charging and off when it's finished charging. I'm assuming this is the LED on the charger base/storage case, since the green LED on the A/C adapter is always on when it's plugged in.

    Anyway, the LED on the base/storage case is RED when I insert the headset and the manual doesn't say anything about this. I keep trying to adjust how the headset is sitting in the case, but, it's always lit red.

    Anyone know what this means?
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    I find the same thing with my Logitech Mobile Pro. I think the instruction is incorrect.

    From my experience, the red light indicates the unit is being charged, the light will turn green once the unit is fully charged.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scandalex
    Thanks for posting those links. I thought I had read everything about BT headsets (including the LMP) that had been posted here over the past few weeks, but, I missed all but one of those threads.

    Thanks also for confirming the LEDs.

    Have you grown to like the LMP any more than you did originally or do you still prefer your other headset?

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