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    I've had a maddening problem over the last few weeks. Every so often the "incoming call" app seems to freeze on exit, whether exit means I tried to pick up the call, or the call went to voicemail. In the latter case, the phone will continue to ring constantly until reset.

    I am running a couple hacks: TreoGuard 1.8.12 and DBCacheTool 0.2. I'm personally leaning toward this being a DBCacheTool problem, but it prevents so many other spontaneous resets I'm loathe to disable it. Does anyone know how to make sure DBCacheTool doesn't impact the phone app or incoming call screen?

    Anyone else experience this or know a good way to fix it?
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    Well, if you are experiencing other resets DBCache is preventing, there is something wrong with your phone. Have you confirmed that your phone works fine clean? (after a hard reset, nothing loaded) If it does, then it most definitely is a combination of the software you have loaded. What other apps do you have loaded (hacks, launchers, etc.)? Who is your provider? (Sprint, Cingular, Verizon, etc.) What is your firmware and software versions?
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    My phone works fine clean; certain programs I use don't check for enough memory before they run. If there's not enough, they reset.

    No other hacks than what is mentioned. This is a Sprint phone with the latest firmware.

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