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    I've tried to run Treo 650 Updater 1.12 a few times, and every single time I start the hotsync, and in the middle of everything the Treo would reset and the sync fails. This doesn't seem to happen when just doing a regular sync. only when I'm running the updater.

    Here's the log error:

    - Install failed: C:\Program Files\Palm\Me\Install\
    Install synchronization failed
    HotSync Error: Connection is lost (6410)
    HotSync operation completed on 07/16/05 03:52:21

    Why does this happen and how do I fix it?
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    A common reason for this is insufficient space available on the Treo for the update.

    The ideal method for installing the update involves hard-resetting the Treo, creating a new user in Palm Desktop and running the update for the new user name. After the update's been completed on the Treo, hard reset and Hotsync with the old user name to restore all of your data. The beauty of this method is that it insures that there's plenty of room for the update on your Treo without having to mess with your backup directory.

    In lieu of creating a new user, you should still hard reset your Treo, but make sure to rename your Backup directory (to, say, backupold) before starting the update process; this insures that at least none of your 3rd party data is reinstalled at the same time as the update. After the update's finished on the Treo, delete the newly created Backup directory, rename the 'backupold' directory to "Backup", hard reset your Treo and HotSync to restore all of your data.
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    That's strange, because I checked the memory and it said I had 12MB of free space. The update asks for 11MB of free space. Any other ideas?
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    That's cutting it close. I suggest you follow one of my suggestions.

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