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    every time i leave my treo idle the screen goes black and when i unlock it it says the phone is off and i was wondering if that is normal and also can i stop it from turning the phone off
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    I'm not touchin' this one.
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    Welcome dude!

    I have Sprint and have never had the problem. . . .

    What carrier? Look under that forum or search for "phone turning off"

    Cheers, Perry.
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    phone turning off . . . had this thread at the top, oh well.

    I know this has been discussed at length. . . knock around for awhile . . you will probably find it. . .
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    well its a cingular and its just the phone part so i have to search for network everytime is that normal?
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    I was having the same problem with my Cingular 650. I tried rebooting it, deleting all aftermarket phone applications like TreoGuard, etc and nothing worked.

    Then I heard that the stupid game that somes with the phone Zap (The one with the spaceship) was causing some issues with the phone app. I tried the latest version of the app, but still had the problems.

    So I deleted the Zap game from my Treo, reloaded TreoGuard, and never had the issue again. My phone used to turn off 3-4 times a day. Now it has been up and running for 9 days straight with no issues.

    Give that a try.
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    i dont have any games or anything its right out the box
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    Quote Originally Posted by dudeonthenet88
    i dont have any games or anything its right out the box
    Then its time to return it for a new one, cause this one is broke.
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    There are several posts about the SIM card causing the phone to turn off. If you pull the SIM card the phone turns off. I reseated my SIM card and put a small piece of paper to make it tighter.
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    ya i didnt know it was called the radio cause im new but i found that post and now my phone works amazingly

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