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    Quite a bit of software out there includes Mathlib.prc. It seems to me that this fubars the unit. For instance: the calculator doesn't work.
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    I've never seen that problem before...mathlib.prc is stored in RAM from Palm so I don't see how it could be the cause of that many problems. I's possible it got corrupted, but under normal circumstances, it should not cause any problems I would think.
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    Some apps come ith their own mathlib version (for palm devices w/out it built in I believe) that may not paly well with the rom version. Don't install it.
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    Hrm. Yeah... that's obviously the solution (now that I've figured out that mathlib is the culprit). I suppose my biggest problem with all this is that none of the install instructions seem to warn of this problem.
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    now you know
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    MathLib is a PalmOS shared library which makes a complete set of IEEE-754 double-precision math functions available to other PalmPilot applications. These functions include all the standard routines normally accessed by including "math.h" on other systems, including trigonometry (with inverse and hyperbolic), logarithms, exponentiation, and miscellaneous helper functions. The only standard routines I left out were the Bessel and Gamma functions, which had the poor taste to be both very large and very rarely used. These routines have been ported from the GCC source code for libm.a (which was itself based on free code originally developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc.), so this library is free software covered by the GNU Library General Public License.

    Basically, Mathlib is essential to make many calc dependent apps work on palmos. More likely than not, you probably already have it installed on you treo so you don't need to install it again. Nor should you delete ir or you will really FUBAR your Treo!
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    No... you can delete it safely. FileZ shows that there is one in the ROM.

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