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    ZBeeble, by any chance you can tell us the screw driver used (and where to get it and how much it costs) and please take a picture of where to solder. I am a noob at this kind of electronic but unfortunately, I'm out of warranty and need to solder my jack by myself. Thanks!

    (btw, how long did it take and is it hard? and did it break again after you fixed it?)
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    The driver needed is a Torx T5


    The connector is actually a 4 pole, 5 conductor audio jack. The 4 poles are ground, mic, right channel and left channel. The 5th conductor (pad or pin) is the right channel switched, and disconnects when the connector in inserted. The 6th pad is a redundant Right channel.

    When using a phone headset or stereo earbuds, two poles connect as one. All 4 poles are only used for the 2-in-1 that is especially made for the 650 (not the one that has a switch)

    Check out my site for disassembly info and for a cool 3.5mm audio jack hack (hopefully tomorrow)

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