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    Okay, first-- my searches came up empty (or confusing) but I'm sure this has been asked in some way before-- so I apologize in advance for not finding it.

    So, I'm a whole 24 hours with my Treo 650 and it's been exciting and daunting all at the same time. I've just switched from the Dark Side (was a pocket pc user previously) and have tons of questions. But I'll start with ONE.

    So, my buddy says, "You gotta get Pocket Tunes." He said it-- well, I have to have it. Actually installed it already. He added, "it plays wmas too!" He said this with excitement-- it meant virtually nothing to me. Anyway...

    I assume that wmas are smaller than mp3s? Is this why it was so exciting to him? Problem is all my audio has been ripped as mp3s. I loaded an album on my phone-- sounds great. But should I be trying to convert my mp3s to wmas? And, if so, what utility can I use to accomplish this?

    Lastly, yes I'm sticking a second question in here (sorry I lied), I just realized that my standard headset for my mp3 player doesn't "fit" into the jack for the Treo. Any suggestions on a decent headset (not too costly) that will work?

    Thanks, DocS
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    Here's a great adapter...

    WMA (windows media audio) is a different digital audio format used by (you guessed it) Windows media player. How digital audio is managed is a personal pref. Ptunes supports WMA, oggvorbis, mp3 and wav.

    Hope that's not a lot of info and I'm a little tipsy
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    if you want to convert, you can do it with DBPowerAmp. I'm not sure why you'd want to though.
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    MP3 and WMA are just two different kinds of formats and both generally accepted. However, MP3s are the most popular and I can't say I know of any player that won't play an MP3, however there are many that won't play WMAs or WMVs (Windows Media Video). So if I were you, I'd stick with the MP3 format. No need to convert.
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    thanks for the replies.

    i uploaded my music and now I realize-- i should have bought the 2 gig card
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    It only makes sense to rip audio from the original wav. If you try to convert from one codec to aontoher like mp3>wma etc, then there will be loss...
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    I prefer mp3's but I use wma's for convenience. I put mp3's on my device at home (old PC). When i get to work, I tranfer them to my work PC using palm file borwser (download it, it is very useful for tranferring files). I then delete the mp3's from my Palm. Then I sync the mp3's using Windows Media Player at a lower bitrate (saves a lot of memory on my SD card).
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    One of the nice things about using Windows Media player to move your music over to your palm is that it can make these translations for you. I set it to downsample to 64 kbps wma. I never have to worry about reformatting anything into WMA. I just tell windows media which songs i want and it converts and copies them for me. Pretty cool.

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