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    I think it's a very important question to be answered by Palm. Should they target a standard 1.3Mp or a 2Mp ?

    2Mp would be nice....

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    screw mps, fix the lens...
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    depends. the size really doesn't matter to me. what matters is quality, clarity and low-light performance.
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    They Should Give Up. Last Two Have Been Miserable
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    Quote Originally Posted by RICHINMJ
    They Should Give Up. Last Two Have Been Miserable

    Actually the vga cam on the 650 isn't that bad imo when you compare it to other vga cams phones. Recall that Palm had planned on using a 1.3 MP cam in the 650 originally but decided to go with a VGA cam b/c the sensor quality in the VGA cam was better at the time. This time however, I think 1.3 MP is the min for a smartphone of this proce range and 2 MP would be even better but unlikely...
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    I'll keep coming back. Always been a PALM/TREO
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    Quote Originally Posted by seru
    screw mps, fix the lens...
    Amen to that. There is no excuse for the VGA resolution to produce such poor, grainy pictures. The number of megapixels is no indication of quality whatsoever.
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    They can take the camera out for all I care.

    It's handy for a quick snap, but I use by 7mp Nikon for the real thing.

    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    I vote for 1mp with flash! ;-)
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    Many of us have much nicer cameras, myself included. But for many of us, we carry our Treo everywhere, but the camera only comes along occasionally. So having a camera whenever you want is a real bonus. Or put another way: the commuters in London who had their cameraphones captured some amazing footage of a major news event. Doubtful that any of them had a "proper" camera along with them.

    Not that I hope or plan to be around for a calamity like that, but I might be able to capture a funny moment with my child or a snapshot of an interesting place.
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    I used a 7.1MP Nikon on my latest trip to get the quality. Treos' onboard cam is only good for quick headshots and auto accidents.

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    I never seem to have my digital camera with me when I really need it (its always when I 'plan' to take pictures.) Having a 1mp camera isnt asking for too much more as far as technology and if we have extra ram and the ability to save pics on a card...who cares about the picture size?
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    It's not possible to get quality megapixels through a tiny fixed-focus lens. There are just not enough photons going through that little hole, and that number gets divided down by the number of pixels in the sensor. Too many pixels in a little light sensor and you just get noise. If you want higher quality photos, get a bigger digital thing with room for a larger lens aperature, longer focal length and a big sensor with room for some healthy-sized low-noise pixels.
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    I think the best would be a connector (like a USB connector or soemthing) that would let one insert a camera lens (with flash). That way one could buy a cheap camera insert or a more expensive one, or even one with a little more "glass" in order to have a real lens.

    I just bought a Sanyo mm-5600 for my wife (who would not use a Treo) and the 1.3 is really a dissapointment. More horrible little pictures.
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    It's all about the optics. We need a quallity Carl Zeiss lens, and maybe a bump to 1.3 megapixels.
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    Remember the more camera horsepower, the lower the battery life......................
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    This thread is reminding me of the craziness last October. Everyone was sure that the treo 650 would have 1.3MP camera. I happened to be passing through Chattanooga, TN a day after some geek sites were reporting that a sprint rep had one in store (well ahead of release and before the roadshows) I popped in and sure enough it was a VGA cam and most here wouldn't believe me.

    Guess we won't know till we know
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    I'd rather see some optical zoom...but that ain't happenin'!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ButtUglyJeff
    Remember the more camera horsepower, the lower the battery life......................
    I concur.. also, to add to that - I think the real usability of cameraphones is purposefully set for low to mid range i.e. 1.3-2 megapixels max. Think about it, the more megapixels, the more battery it drains, the more space it takes up on your precious ram/memory card, and the longer it takes for MMS to send, a feature most people use with cameraphones.. for consistent mobloggers or just plain picturewhore people, more megapixels doesn't really make it more efficient. ahaha.. can you imagine how long it would take to send 5-7 megapixel pictures to a moblog?
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