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    Anyone else suffering from troubles with their 650 attempting to use Cingular's voicemail. I'm out of ideas. I have applied the particular ROM update that was suggested to fix troubles with voice mail access and had a little bit better luck.

    In the end - it seems to "goof up" you password requiring a reset. Once you have reset it - it seems to last for about a day or less.

    Today - I think we narrowed it down to the DTMF tones not being correctly registered by the voicemail system.

    Any cure for this terrible loop?

    Thanks in advance.

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    There does seem to be a DTMF problem for updated 650s with DTMF tones being too long. Try using the on-screen keyboard (Dial pad) instead of the hard keys to enter the numbers - it may help.
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    I have tried - same results for both. About 50% of the time - you will not be able to access voice mail. For some reason it seems a little better if you call your own number, let it roll to voice mail then access it. I was also shown that you can call your own mobile # from another line / press * while the greeting is on, then your password. Doesn't use any minutes and works with all other phones.

    I'm going to try programming a favorite to dial the other way - including pauses and pw to see if I can fool it.

    This update didn't seem to fix it.

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    I have two 650's with Cingy and neither suffer from this. Only if I try to listen to voicemail via speakerphone have I ever had this happen. I can dial voicemail via landline but from what I understand, not everyone may not be able to.
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    Since the upgrade the DTMF tones are too long on my GSM unbranded Treo to access our company email. I am supposed to enter two "*" tones to get the prompt to enter my mailbox number and password, but it will not recognize the two "*" no matter what I do - keyboard, screen, or pre-programed. Ugh.

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