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    Hi all! I recently purchased a Holux GM-210 GPS reciever that I hope to connect to my Seidio g2500 car kit for use with my handheld. The problem is that the Holux GM-210 that I ordered appears to have a USB connector only (not a serial ps/2-type connector) hard wired to the unit. Therefore it seems that the normal Seidio adapter cable (which connects via a ps/2 connector) will not work. I'd have no problem building my own connector cable, with a female USB plug on one end and an RJ-11 connector on the other. Seidio lists the pinout for the RJ-11 end on their website under the product information for the DIY Cable they sell. But I'm not sure if it will be as simple as connecting the corresponding USB wires to the wires indicated in the DIY cable pinout. The G2500 car mount outputs 5 V, which is the same as USB, so the 2 power wires seem okay, but the 2 signal wires could be a problem. Is the USB signal different than a GPS serial connection signal? Would it be safe (and would it work) to simply connect the corresponding wires? Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    Can anyone help? Does anyone use a Seidio Car kit with a USB GPS? Thanks for any help!

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