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    Message in Blazer..... "Your service has been turned off. To turn your service back on, you will need to make a payment."

    Called Sprint because I know I don't owe anything. Lady says, I'm not sure why it says that, everything is fine. I go, I know. She goes, let me send you to tech support. COOL! Finally get there, "ummm, we don't deal with your phone type, let me give you a number that does". Call that number, he says there may have been a suspension. He says he'll reset the phone and to do a soft reset and it should be fine. I don't use my phone has an actual modem, I don't usually shoutcast, I use verichat maybe an hour a day. I'm not happy. Anyways, did the reset, same message. Oh yeah, the tech guy is like, we don't actually deal with this type of problem, so he gave me another number to call. I'm so pumped.
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    Good Luck on fighting the system. The only consolation is - - - - it seems most customer service for any company is this way nowadays.
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    This has been by far the worst yet. I've had them all too.
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    I never used my phone with DUN. I don't even have pdanet. I use verichat maybe an hour a day if that. I rarely ever use Blazer. I'm annoyed and they better fix it soon. Or less.... Oh wait, I still have another year.....

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