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    Hi all, I am having this problem and it's been going on I think ever since I got this phone. Here goes. Whenever I am in a tunnel driving or in an area with NO SERVICE and then I get into some sort of service such as roaming, it takes a very long time to switch back to Sprint network. Sometimes as long as 10 minutes. If I was to shut the phone portion off and then back on, the Sprint network is available almost instantly. I have to turn the phone off as I drive into the tunnel and turn it back on when i get out for it to catch the Sprint signal.

    Is there a button I can press to force the phone to search for the Sprint signal? I can't see why it takes so long to figure out there is Sprint signal available. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    I noticed that if I make a call when the screen says roaming it quickly jumps back to Sprint to make the call. This happens at work where my side of the building is Sprint and the other side of the building is roaming.
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    And thats a problem because. Actually if you have been around any of the Sprint boards the bigest beef most people have is that Sprint phones have been to unwilling to let go of very weak signals from Sprint towers. This almost to where alot of people have complained that there phones are unusable. Most of these same boards are loaded with questions on people looking to actually force roaming so one call make a call with decent certainty and quality. In fact that same beef was present when the 650 first came out ie one could be 100 ft from a Verizon (or other roaming partner) tower with the poorest posible Sprint signal- ie dropping calls, having to dial 2-3 times to get through and by damned if you could ever get the phone to grab that better signal. So with the recent PRL updates Sprint has gotten better at this and now their phones are a little less likely to hold a crappy signal.

    You can always turn off roaming.


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