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    I've done a search and only seen it mentioned in passing in a couple of the threads, but could anyone who is using Lathe ( give a review?

    For $5 it seems like a cheap enough application. I tried playing with some open source multimedia conversion tools, but they had a learning curve longer that I liked (especially for a software engineer like me). I didn't see a trial download, but was wondering what people who have it think of it.
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    Dunno what you want it for, but if you're looking for an app to convert DVDs into movies for your Treo, FairUse Wizard is and awesome (and FREE!!) solution. I just converted my Napoleon Dynamite movie into a 240 meg file that is 320 x 232 resolution and 32kbps ogg audio compression. Looks and sounds great in TCPMP!

    Jacob H.
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    Thanks, I'll check that out. When I last thought about video it was with my Treo 600 over a year ago. Back then it was the open source way or the Dr. Divx (or something like that), which was $30 and then MMPlayer which was more money. Seemed too much of an investment for 160x160. I figure that if it's not going to cost me much and it's relatively easy, then I'd give it another shot.

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