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    Still have my treo 600 (will be a year next month and contract will be up). Amazon has the 650's for either Cingular or Sprint for $299/$329 w/1yr contract. Have read on the site that sprint has the 650 update file available. Will Cingular have one out in our lifetime as well? Should that factor really matter or would that push me to sprint since its update 'fixes' issues with the 650 model (sorry have not tracked what any of them are save for slow dailing...think it was).

    Think gsm (cingular) battery last longer then cdma (sprint) so that would be of benefit I would think. Then again I thought sprint would allow about 100kpbs web speed access and cingular only offers 40kpbs. At 100kpbs I would be willing to use the 650 for web interface but not at 40kpbs (that along with the extra cost of cingular data plans I would think over cheaper sprint data plan). Not sure what the max data transfer rate the 650 allows other then knowing it cannot do verizons edvo 600kpbs +/- through put.

    Don't know, it is looking like sprint for my next year with a 650. The samsung i730 is very very tempting and even looked into the audovox/siemens sx66 and other various model name/favors of same phone.

    Guess I just don't want to give up the treo easy of use one hand feature just yet.....

    Might also like someway to have my company outlook/exchange email 'pushed' to my treo though have not really read/understood what options are available for that feature (do not use it on my 600 model)

    thanks for any input
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    Much of the Cingular network is EDGE enabled meaning you can get speeds up around 100kbps. Your mileage will vary of course but there are many reporting speeds in excess of 100k on the EDGE networks.
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    when you say 100kbps or 40kbps, do u mean 100KBps (Kilobytes per second) or 100kbps (kilobits per second).... big difference
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    Everyone is saying that the Cingular update should be out any day now and I have no reason not to believe them. You can put the unlocked GSM firmware on a Cingular phone (which does give you a few advantages), however, once that's done it's not clear if you'll ever be able to go back to the Cingular firmware when they do release it.

    Also, as TxDot said, most of the country is Edge enabled, so you should get data speeds comparable to Sprint with Cingular.

    As far as Sprint VS Cingular, here are the big differences...

    Battery life with a lot of data usage... I use Chatteremail (which is the big push email client) on my Cingular Treo and from what I've read on the ChatterEmail message boards there is a significant difference in the battery life of GSM (Cingular/TMobile) Treo's vs CDMA ones (Sprint/Verizon)

    Ability to take calls while using data... for the most part, when you have an active data connection with a CDMA phone all your incoming calls will go right to voicemail without ringing the phone. GSM phones usually don't do this (although you may still miss a few calls, such as when streaming data using PTunes). Again, on the Chatter message boards, Marc (the developer of Chatter) says that in the case of people using Chatter (and it would be similar for other email programs) you can expect to miss about 15% of your voice calls because of this issue. With GSM phones this isn't a problem.

    Ability to use the phone Worldwide. Most of the world uses GSM, so you can take your Cingular phone and use it whenever you travel no matter where you go. Cingular's roaming rates are fairly expensive, so you won't be using it a lot, but it's still a comfort to know it's there. If you get an unlocked phone or get Cingular to unlock your phone for you then you can buy a local prepaid SIM chip and get reasonably inexpensive calls. You can roam in the US and possibly to Canada with a Sprint phone, but that's about it. I've also read some things about people not being able to use data while roaming with Sprint, but not having a Sprint phone I'm not sure what's up with that. No matter where you roam with Cingular you can still use your data connection.

    Price... I believe the voice plans are priced similarly, but data is definitely cheaper with Sprint. I've seen numbers anywhere from $5 to $15 for unlimited data and I think it might depend on when you got your plan... it's $15 now, but it was $5 if you had originally got your data plan several years ago. I've also seen people mention that if you get unlimited data for one phone on a family talk plan it's cheaper or free to add it to your other phones. Not being a sprint user I may be wrong about this, so someone may need to correct me. In any case, though, it's definitely cheaper than Cingular who charges $19.99 or $39.99 for unlimited data depending on which plan you get on.

    I think that's about it. Good luck with your decision


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