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    Okay, I'm new to streaming audio yet it's something I want to venture... Afterall I have unlimited Vision w/Spring.

    I've been lookin' around for ANY shoutcast station to get onto. I know in pTunes you go to 'open' then in the top right click 'shoutcast' but I dont know what to add there. Looks to be a URL when you click 'new' but where do I get such URLs? I go to and it doesn't bring up ANYTHING when you search.

    oh i'm such a noob, any help anyone?
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    You can use your web browser on your Treo and go to There you can do a search for your desired music and click the "Tune in" button next to the station. This will prompt the download screen on the Treo, select where you want to save the stream. It will save it and usually opens right up for me, you also might have the option to 'save and open' after it downloads.

    Shoutcast looks like it is down at the moment - the search function does not work from my regular computer on the internet. You might have to wait until it is back up.
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    Ah that would explain that.
    I searched the hell outta TC and found a couple stations people have posted but all techno (bleh). At least I got a station workin' so i know how it works now. So I'll just wait around for SC to get up and working.
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    Try, they have a fairly good selection of shoutcast stations listed.
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    Hmmm, they're not showin' a whole lot either... :-\
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    I never use the shoutcast site. You might want to try this:

    From your pc, go to click on "Search Site", that will open up a search window, select MP3 as media type, and whatever else you want as search constraints. When it comes up with your list, open the live feed links. You may have to save the link as an m3u file. just open it and look for the URL listed within it. It will look something like or

    Then go to ptunes delux. select "Choose Songs" - Internet Audio - New. Type in the URL. If it loads and you want to keep the station, bookmark it, and make sure when you're bookmarking it, you name the bookmark based on your own criteria. Sometimes ptunes tries to name your bookmark based on the name of the song or some such other nonsense.

    Another approach is to find the websites for the stations you're interested, find their live feed link, and follow the process above. Not all streaming stations are listed in the meta search engines.

    Hope this helps.

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