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    So i have my phone in the p6 pouch on my belt while i'm out to dinner.

    Afterwords i check for voicemail and see that my phone has called the same number like 10 times. I assume that it's somehow dialling the last number I dialed (not that called me) by some sort of redial funtion. Deal is -- it was def. in keylock state (where you have to press an app key and then center to unlock).

    What is going on? and how do i keep it from happening again?
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    Possibly, if you put it into your case without the keyguard on this could happen... You might want to try Treoguard.

    TreoGuard is an inexpensive utility for the Treo 600 and Treo 650 that can play MP3 ringtones, save your battery by turning off the screen during calls, save your ear by disabling alarms during calls, prevent accidental key presses from answering or ignoring incoming calls, schedule your radio to turn on and off at a specified time each day, and much more...

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