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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE
    1. Copy the files from card to PC
    2. Format the card in your PC 's card reader as FAT16.
    3. Copy files back.

    Of course if you pursuing shadow's FAT32 ROM upgrade then adjust accordingly.
    I tried to format the card by right-clicking on the drive. It only gave me the options of FAT and FAT32, but it still is listing my card as only 970 MB. Is there another way to format it?
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    can you format it in the card info app?

    my father-in-law's 650 had a similiar problem not recognizing a good card(i even tested a card between 2 treos) and he had hotsynced a file from his tungsten...i don't remember the file but sdio something and it was in ram not rom...
    deleted the file in ram and all was well(after a soft reset of course)
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    so no 4gb sd is possible?
    You can solve 99% of the Treo's problems with a hard reset.
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    Quote Originally Posted by question
    so no 4gb sd is possible?
    Of course 4GB SD is possible. You just have to put the FAT32 driver into a custom ROM.
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