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    I just got a treo 600 I had a client of mine give it to me. He lost the SIM TRAY card so he bought a new one. Anyways I can't find a replacement anywhere. I called palmone and they were no help.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?

    thanks peoples!
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    I have used in the past for things like this. They don't list it but you can call and they may have one to sell.
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    does anyone here want to sell me theirs?
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    Big Perm, I can probably make one of these Trays at work on our CNC Mills. I will have to get some dimensions off my T600 tray. How much would it be worth to ya?
    You never lived until you almost died!
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    crap that sounds expensive and alot of work....there should be a way for me to get a tray without having to make one.

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    Good luck!!!
    You never lived until you almost died!
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    how much to make one? I dont know what its worth to you
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    To: Big perm
    From: SPRINT
    Whats a sim tray?
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    its the little piece of plastic that holds the sim card in place on the top/back of the phone
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    call palm?

    PS: Check this thread,
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    i did - they are the most ignorant people on earth...besides I only speak english so there is another problem
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    they dont ship parts unless your under warrenty
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    big perm, PM me with your address and I will send you a silver sim tray. I was able to purchase a few extra sim trays from PalmOne awhile back when I was using two different sims on my unit. I have one left to spare.
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    big perm: yes, Man. I can feel your pain.

    Tried to call palmone for replacing the lost soft grey plug on the back of antenna. Three times and was on hold for way over 1 hr each. Well, I finally gave up and decided to live with that.
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    Which soft grey plug are you missing. Is it the large one (bottom) or the small one (top)? I lost the small one awhile back and called PalmOne too. I had similar issue with them that I went to the top (CEO) and VP of Operations took care of everything. At the same time, a friend of mine works in a cellular store and gave me the plug from a demo (non-functioning) unit. Thus, I have a spare small grey plug. If you still need it, PM with your address.
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    Thanks redcap! You are the reason why I love this forum

    Actually it doesn't bother me any more. I will just live with that till I can't resist the temptation for Treo 650, or even better, the 700.
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    Many thanks to Redcap! He saved me from losing my mind!
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    Big Perm, did you find your tray for the 600? There's one for sale on ebay now. Price is at $15 and it closes in 20 hours. I'm looking for a 650 tray ...guess I'll call palm tomorrow and see what they can do. Sounds like its pretty hard to find a replacement. I read somewhere that it has to be under warranty for them to send you a replacement. Anyone else heard that too? The 650 is a hand me down given to me by boyfriend. Worth nothing to me without the tray. I did call Palm last week but sat on hold forever and finally gave up...guess i'll give another shot.
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    I got mine - thanks to RedCap

    thanks for the tip just a couple months late : )

    good luck - Have fun talking with palm they are a bunch of morons

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