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    My Treo 600 is not brand new but I am trying to set it up so i can use it but seems to always freeze during Step 1 of the initial setup process where you touch the screen with your stylus. I've tried many things.. I've tried letting it sit for a few hours and coming back to it and still frozen.

    Other things i have done are like give it a soft reset. When I do this my Treo dooes not seem to turn back on.. It just shuts off after I press the reset button.

    If i leave it alone for a couple days and plug it in it starts up, but then again freezes at the same point. I don't know what do. I suspected that it could possibly be the battery, but is very doubtful.

    Somebody please help with any suggestions or if they have ever seen this problem before.
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    Since this is happening with an essentially empty device, I suggest you return it for replacement.

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