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    I ran into a friend with a new Verizon 650 and compared it to my month old Verizon 650 and noticed something different between our two devices. On his phone app screen, the words "Verizon Wireless" are displayed in the top left corner, whereas the top left corner of my phone app screen is blank. Who has what in the top left corner of their Verizon 650 phone screen?
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    Mine's about 1 week old. It says "Verizon Wireless."
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    Sometimes I have Verizon Wireless and other times I have )(*$%)W$#% in the top.

    Does your phone have the VZW logo imprinted on the actual phone?

    And are you sure the "phone" part of your phone is ON when you're looking at the screen?

    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    Sometime it's blank and sometimes it says "Verizon Wireless" and sometime it would give meaningless giberish and weird characters. I've seen all of this on my VZ Treo. It's a bug in the phone software. Others have mentioned this also. I'm hoping its not an indication of something more serious to show up in the future. BTW, soft-resetting your phone one or more times would bring back the "Verizon Wireless" or other stuff.
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    i have verizonwirless, about one month now
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    I have Verizon Wireless too... but today, my phone just starting soft resetting when a call came in from someone in my contact database...

    anyone have that issue??? what's up?
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    I purchased my Treo 650 the week it was released for Verizon and mine is also BLANK where it normally reads "VERIZONWIRELESS". Any reasons?
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    Maybe we "early adopters" of verizon 650s got a slightly earlier ROM? I don't care if that's the case, because my 650 is rock solid.
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    My Treo 650, which I purchased directly from Palm for Verizon, did this right out of the box (garbage text instead of "Verizon Wireless"). You need to do a "*228" option 2 update, then a "*228" option 1 update, then ANOTHER "*228" option 2 update. Turn your phone Off and On between each one.

    Before I did that, mine would intermittently reset when using the phone. Haven't had a problem since. Looks like the initial value of the service identifier is really screwy at first.
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    These steps did not add "VERIZON WIRELESS" where it was already blank.
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    You will get gibberish from time to time after a reset. I believe the phone can not get the network identification quickly enough and displays whatever data it has already downloaded.

    The way to restore the "Verizon Wireless" id is to perform a soft reset. Sometimes, you will have to do this multiple times. I recommend a program like mReset to reset your Treo without having to remove the back cover. This is what I do every so often.


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