I have Versamail configured on my Treo 650. I am using it with my Kerio mailserver running on an OS X server and connect via IMAP. My PowerBook runs Entourage 2004 and connects to the mail server via IMAP. If I sync all folders on the Treo it will download any changes made to the account on the mail server. If I make any changes like deleting messages on the Treo and then sync the folders the changes do not get uploaded to the server and then the server's settings override the Treo and I loose the changes I made on the Treo. I had this issue with a POP set up too, where deleting the messages on the Treo and telling it to delete the message on the server did not work.

It seems that Entourage will make changes to the IMAP account just fine and the Treo will sync and reflect any changes just fine; however, the Treo's changes to not update the server. I have confirmed that SMTP works and sending mail is OK.

Any thoughts?