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    1. When sending a new message, I click on the triangle to bring up a list of names to choose from. This list is made up from everyone I have previously sent a message to. I want some of these out of there. How?

    2. I copied an app from the phone to an SD card and then deleted the app from the phone. The app shows up on the SD card and runs but when I select category to put it under a menu, it doesn't show up. It is automatically defaulted to only show up on the "Card" menu (invisible under the all menu).

    3. Is there any way to do the equivalent of a right-click for properties information?

    Thanks in advance. I have learned a great deal from the knowledgeable people on this board!

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    What launcher are you using? You need to give us a little more information..
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    I am not using any launcher. Is that the issue? I thought launchers were optional but if not I will have to get one. What about getting the old message "to's out of the history? Thanks.

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