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    Slightly off topic - but I was wondering what Mac folks are using to get their ripped DVDS back onto DVD. I'm using Mac the Ripper - it works great! Now, I just need to take the folders it creates and make the new DVD. By the way, I'm only backing up my kids DVDs before they look like brushed aluminum. I have a dual layer DVD burner so I don't really need to do any "crunching" to make them fit on single layer discs, but any recommendations on this aspect would be helpful also.

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    Mac the Ripper drops a copy of the disc to your hard drive. Then you'll want to burn the VIDEOTS folder using Toast - you'll need a Dual Layer disc and drive to copy large DVDs and the latest version of Toast. If you want to compress the data to fit on a Single Layer DVD Disc, then you'll want to use DVD2oneX and burn its 4.3GB output to a DVDR using Toast.

    Of course, that information is meant for backup use only. Pirating DVDs is illegal and wrong and I would never... Below is a helpful guide:

    Good luck,

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    ditto to post above
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    I like MactheRipper and Roxio's Popcorn. Nice and easy
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