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    I have tcpmp. I can get avis and mpgs to play just fine. But I want to use asf files since they are smaller in size. But when I convert them to asf using the Palm Install tool, TCPMP won't play the file. No error message is displayed, but htere is no sound or video (the play timer runs though).

    Can tcpmp play asfs? I don't see a plugin for asfs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by slthree
    .......What is a card reader? Is it software? Does it attch to the computer?
    It is a hardware device that attaches to your PC, similar to a CD or diskette reader. However, instead of CD's or diskettes, it accepts an SD card. While both my laptop and printer came with them built in, I assume that you do not have one. If you have a USB port, you can buy and attach one. Expect to pay low tens of dollars on-line or at your CompUSA. If you have Windows XP, then no software is required. Windows will see it, and present it to you, as a drive.
    Quote Originally Posted by slthree
    How do I place the movies on the card itself using this card reader?
    You simply copy from one folder to one on the SD card.
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