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    Can you give me some advice on the following migration:

    Old platform
    Dell desktop
    Visor Platinum
    DateBk V-5.0b
    Outlook 2000
    I use Desktop-to-go to sync CONTACTS ONLY with Visor. I do this because recurrence and alarms on todos and appts are crucial to me. I simply maintain todos/appts on visor.

    New platform
    IBM Thinkpad
    Treo 650
    DateBk latest version
    Outlook 2003
    Chapura (Professional XT, which I think is best version)

    Here’s what I was intending:
    1. Upgrade to DateBk5 latest version on Dell
    2. Install DateBk5 latest version on Thinkpad.
    3. Beam DateBk5 databases from Visor to Treo using FileZ (can I run this on old Visor?)
    4. Sync DateBk5 with Outlook 2003 using one-time transfer from PDA to computer.
    5. Sync normally after that, being careful to only create/modify todos with alarms/recurrence on Treo.

    Is this the right way to go?

    Rob Oaks
    Rob Oaks
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    Personally, I would export all my PIM from the old Visor and then do a freash install on the Treo 650. And then of course import all the old PIM info to the 650 using the Palm desktop....
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