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    I have a Treo 650 on Sprint and am wondering about what seem to be 2 types of roaming.

    In the 1st, the upper left corner of the screen says 'roaming' and i can call out with no difficulty.

    In the second, the upper left says Roaming AND there is an 'R' next to the bluetooth icon at the top of the screen. Whenever this shows up, when i call out I get a message that verizon wireless cant authenticate my phone.

    Turning off 'digital roaming' seems to stop the 2nd kind of roaming ut not the 1st.

    Does anyone know what these two are, and how i can make calls with the 2nd type?

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    Analog and Digital Roaming. You can't choose what kind of roaming you call from. It depends on where you are.
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    which one is analog and which is digital?
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    You can roam on Analog networks, using the Sprint 650?? Huh?? I though it was just a Dual-band phone.
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    Analog roaming is irrelevant. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    Analog roaming is irrelevant.
    That's what I thought...but why are there two different roaming icons for this guy?
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    Maybe the 1st option is roaming out of your home area...
    and the 2nd option is no Sprint tower available so it tries to access a Verizon tower.

    I am pretty sure that for an extra $5 per month you can roam onto Verizons network.
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    The Treo 650 is a dual band phone. Only Digital, no Analog roaming at all...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Longstrider
    Maybe the 1st option is roaming out of your home area...
    and the 2nd option is no Sprint tower available so it tries to access a Verizon tower.
    Out of home area? You mean like out of the U.S.?? I thought Cingular, Sprint, & Verizon only offered national plans now...
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    Here is the low down on roaming from my personal experience. I am a Sprint customer. The Digital roaming is when there isnt enough signal strength in your home area to use your carrier and you digitally roam on the service of another carrier. In my particular case, this resulted in some hefty roaming fees. One call was fine, the next call would roam to another carrier, the next call back to Sprint.

    The other Roaming, is when you are outside of you home service area, but you are still within your carriers network. Hence, no additional charges with the nationwide packages.

    Solution to prevent bogus roaming charges - - TURN OFF DIGITAL ROAMING.
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    makes sense. the capital 'R' would be for digital roaming to another carrier, then.

    Still don't know why i get the 'can't authenticate your phone' messages from verizon though.
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    I got this problem too. Both my wife and I have the 650 on Sprint with the same PRL and firmware. We both pay the $5 for america's choice. In a casino in Atlantic City she could make a roaming call on Verizon. My phone also said in Roam but I got Verizon's can't authenticate message when I tried to place a call. This is serious. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    regional (location) roaming (depending on plan) verses digital roaming...
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