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    One of the guys in the office is running a Roger's Treo 650 and the Versamail application has been a nightmare. I have fixed the Versamail crashing error and a host of other malfunctions, but new problems keep cropping up. I'll list a few, and if someone has any idea on what I should do, I would be wholly appreciative.

    I have set up a POP account and have quadruple checked the settings.

    When I press "Get" in Versamail I get one of two error messages:
    1 > Timeout reading response
    2 > Invalid response getting message size

    Messages do come through on the automated system, set to retrieve every five minutes, but:
    1 > Some messages never come through
    2 > The body of some messages reads, "Body not available. Message moved or deleted on server."

    These last problems occur when the user is away from the office and when his outlook express on the PC is shut down.

    A couple other users use Treo 600s, without Versamail, on the same system and they are able to retrieve emails without fail. I have been in contact with our ISP provider, palmOne and Rogers and nobody has been able to help me solve these problems.

    Thanks for your time.
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    Any ideas?
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    I just upgrade to the latest Versamail 3.1B and it still sucks. I can receive fine, but to send an email..forget it. it times out all the time. I cannot send for the life of me. Its a POP email and all the settings are fine.

    I do not know what to do. HELP!!!!

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