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    I swear I've read through every forum and I know this has got to be answered somewhere, so just post a link to an answer if it's been covered...

    I just got my Sprint 650 and I don't understand whether or not I'm just supposed to leave the radio (is that what the vision "network connection" is called?) on all the time or if I'm supposed to disconnect when I'm not using it. I've got an unlimited vision plan, so I guess it doesn't hurt my minutes, but I thought Sprint got mad if you just left the data connection on non-stop? If I am supposed to disconnect, anybody want to tell me how you do that without turning off the phone?

    On the same note, I'm trying out Chatter email. If I want it to "push" my IMAP email to me, does that mean I also have to leave it connected all day long, or is there a way to have it only connected when Chatter checks for new mail? (Maybe if it only syncs every 30 minutes or so instead of doing the push?)

    If it's okay to just leave it connected all day every day then I guess that's what I'll do, I just don't want to have Sprint knocking on my door taking away my new toy...

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    I leave it connected all the time, as I think most people do. I think the main reason people might turn it off is to conserve battery. Chatter might have a "disconnect after checking for mail" type of setting like VersaMail does, but I wouldn't worry about this.

    Jacob H.
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    What jacob said - just leave it on, and turn it off at night to save the battery, if you want. Although your data connection is "on", it isn't "active" unless it is actually sending or receiving data.
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    Just because your phone is on doesn't mean that it's constantly streaming data.
    Leaving your phone (radio) on is just like any other cell phone.
    If you connect to internet, email, etc then it will be using data.
    Most providers aren't happy if you connect your phone to your computer and use it as a modem for passing data 24/7
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    Thanks alot, I think I'll just leave it on then...

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