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    Well....I think it's a reasonable request to use the dock-n-talk at a hotel. I mean.....complaints like "you could be roaming", "you'd prolly burn through minutes", and "it's too much trouble" are pretty unreasonable.

    How many hotels are there that are more than a few miles away from an interstate? Prolly not many, at least where most people on business trips would be going. And you'd prolly be able to pick up a decent signal somewhere in a 100 sq. ft. room.

    And what time would you be at a hotel....if it's for a business trip, you're prolly going to be at the hotel at night time, prolly after 7pm when minutes become free.

    You're already carrying your cellphone plus charger....I don't think it would be too much more weight to carry the dock-n-talk w/ bluetooth module....and perhaps even a cheap $15 cordless phone. It might take like 2 minutes at the most to setup at start using a REAL phone that doesn't overheat give off radiation right next to your brain. I don't think this is such a big deal, but the overheating is pretty bothersome to me...if I were on a business trip and had a lotta phone calls to make, I'd easily consider carrying a little extra weight and spending 2 min. of time to setup and 1 min. to pack it back up.

    Soo....instead of carrying an extra phone...are we certain that you couldn't hook up a PBX/digital hotel phone directly to the dock-n-talk??
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    As for call logging, caller id, obviously depends on what features the phone is capable of interacting with the dock-n-talk. It doesn't say on their site which phones have features that work on the dock-n-talk....It only lists compatibility of phones with calling/answering and that's it.

    Somebody needs to hurry up and buy this & the bluetooth module (or a cable for another phone that's cable for 650) so we can find out if it's worthy of replacing landline service.
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    I give up. You people who are taking over these boards are just moronic in your thought process. I travel on business about 40% of the time and it is not about saving cell phone minutes it is about conserving battery and having a full size handset instead of the Treo up to my ear. NOT even a lot of typical hotel phones are true PBX and most have analog lines going into them so they should be usable as analog. Why would you assume this is too much weight to carry around? I BUY plenty of minutes so that is not an issue and I have FREE roaming so that is not an issue either. I have a laptop, my treo, my projector, my business materials, my cables and everything else. This small device in addition to that would seem like a small addition to the bag. If you just want to rip me you can find a lot more sensible or creative ways to do so then this. If this is all you have to contribute to the boards then I feel sorry for you. I thought this was a discussion board.
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    Will somebody PUH-LEEZE try this thing out. I'm broke, and I know somebody out there could save money with this if they have the upfront costs....most of you do, I'm sure.

    I repeat...PUH-LEEZE!!!
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    I've been waiting for this thing since I saw it on a CES clip. My wife only grudgingly uses her cell and we don't want to spend the $70 for "installation" of a landline then the minimum $25/month in service. I've got her on my cingular plan for an extra $10. This thing would give her the "home" phone she wants and pay for itself (and keep us at 2 cells) in a year. I'm just waiting for some reviews too.
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    THis thing would be absolutely incredible if it supported AIR CARDS!!

    Imagine if you could use this with a 1xEvDo or UMTS compatible air card? If you combine this with data connectivity, then you could possibly use this setup and completely do away with a landline, VoIP, DSL/cabele modem etc!!

    Anyway, I actually called phonelabs about this and they said they were considering it in future models, so who knows...

    Also, apparently the only way to connect this to the Treo is via BT. They do have cable connectors for some models, but that is the exception. Considering how flaky the BT connection on the Treo can be though, I'm skeptical about this method....
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    I'm sure they'll adapt and add air cards in the future. This really is better than VoIP...unless we're talkin' about VoWifi. But this is here today and it's cheaper than Vonage, VoicePulse, name it. None of them could ever compete with a $10/mo landline (that's assuming you already have 1-4 cell phones).

    Obviously if you're going to dedicate one cell phone to replace your landline, you'd make your purchase around a phone that could connect with a cable so you could charge it easier. Like, the Sony Ericsson's are all cabled, you'd clearly have to match a phone your provider offered with one on phonelab's list.

    But there's gotta be soembody who could use the 650 with the bluetooth a single person, or somebody with a "partner" that also has a compatible bluetooth phone, or a business person who travels frequently....sumpin'.

    If you are one of those people....TRY THIS OUT AND SEE HOW IT WORKS!

    Somebody else who really wants to replace their landline should add an extra phone to their family plan and see how well the cable works. TRY AND SEE!!!

    Hurry...time is running out.
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    Posted this in another thread I found from a search, then I noticed it was in the Off Topic forum where it'll probably never get seen... so reposting here in Accessories:

    Now it looks like all the 700's and 650's are on the supported list, with the exception of the Verizon 650. Anyone else have positive or negative feedback on the Dock-n-Talk with a Sprint 650?

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    I have been using this for over a 1.5 years and see no need to go back to a landline.

    I have a second line on Sprint using an LG325 that I leave connected to the Dock n Talk via Bluetooth. I have the DnT connected to a Uniden 5.8mhz cordless set up w/ 3 extensions. Since I purchased one of the early units I have found that the firmware upgrades were the key to my sucess. NOTE: After the 1 year warranty, upgrades cost $20 and you have to ship the unit back to phonelabs.

    The only negative I have is that I do lose bluetooth connectivity maybe once a week. I think it is due to wifi (2.4ghz) interference in my apartment building. I just shut the phone off and turn it back on. The bluetooth connects and is good for another week.

    As far a using phones that have cables, I started off using a Nokia 6185 with a cable but found that the phone would not charge at a fast enough rate when having marathon talking sessions. The phone would lose its charge and become useless until fully charged. So I went the BT route first with a SE T608 and now a LG. I just leave the LG's adaptor plugged in all the timeand talk away.

    I have not used the DnT with my Treo so I can not offer any feedback in that area. Unfotunately, the DnT can only connect to one phone at a time.

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    Maybe get a Sero Plan with Free Incomming and the Dock'n'Talk. Of course the Dock'n'talk is about $150+, plus the phone cost -- setup fees would surpass telephone landline setup costs..
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    With the Dock n Talk, can you send faxes from a fax machine plugged into another wall jack (assuming, of course, that the whole house is wired for phone in the first place)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tropicaffair
    With the Dock n Talk, can you send faxes from a fax machine plugged into another wall jack (assuming, of course, that the whole house is wired for phone in the first place)?

    Honestly I have never tried but let's think about it for a second... Is it posssible to send a fax over a wireless connection/call? I don't think so. So, since Dock n Talk is using your wireless connection I don't think it would be possible. You can always call them. Their number is at

    JUst my $.02.

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