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    I am not an AOL subscriber, but wanted the AOL Instant Messenger to keep in touch with my family. I purchased what I thought was the AOL Messenger, but by my own confusion with the naming, I bought AOL for the Treo. OK, my bad.

    I have emailed them several times for a refund/exchange for the AOL IM app which costs the same, but my emails are apparently ignored. I am very dissapointed that they can't seem to find the time to assist.

    No phone number on the website to talk to a person, just email black hole hell.


    PS. If anyone feels sorry for me and would like to send me the app, I dont feel bad because I have paid them $19.95. I wont be paying them anything more though. Anyone want AOL for Treo?


    Dear Robert,

    Thank you for your order! Your Order Reference Number is XXXXXX. Please save this email for your records, as it contains important purchase and software activation information. If you need assistance, please see below.

    PRODUCT: 159256 - AOL 3.3 for Treo 650
    PRICE: $19.95


    Registration Key: This is the full version of AOL 3.3 for Treo 650, so no registration key will be needed.


    When contacting Handango Customer Support regarding this order, always use this Reference Number: XXXXXXX

    To download your software again, use your Reference Number in the subject line of this email and email address you used to complete your order at

    Main Help:


    Handango Customer Support:

    Handango Customer Support Fax Line: 817-548-2182
    International Customer Fax Line: +1-817-548-2182


    Purchase Subtotal: $19.95
    Total: $19.95


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    Phone number listed for the headquarters per their contact page Handango Contact Us

    305 NE Loop 820
    Suite 600
    Hurst, Texas 76053
    Corporate Office: 817-280-0129
    Fax: 817-280-9628

    It's not toll free but it may help. You may want to read their Return Policy before calling.

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