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    Is there a way to use the Thai language on a Palm Pilot (I have a Treo 650). I'd like to be able to enter Thai characters into my flash card program so I can use the Treo for studying. Also, if there's a dictionary with pronunciation that would be great. Anyone doing anything with Thai on their Palm?

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    About Thai.. you can use
    - ThaiPOS ..
    - Thai-G ..

    About Dictionary .. You can use
    - Apithan ..
    - G-SoftDict ..
    - MI ..

    I use thai on my Palm Treo 650 , too.

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    Sorry ..

    MID (MI: D)
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    Wow - thank you. I'm a English speaker learning Thai - since the sites are in Thai, can you describe these products and which one you think would be helpful to me? ThaiHack looks most useful - is it stable?
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    I tried to install ThaiHack and got an endless reset loop (but maybe I installed it wrong) - do you have any advice for that?
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    Oh! No .. I not recommend for ThaiHack

    ThaiHack was discontinue, and cannot contact to Developer .

    ThaiPOS is best and Thai-G is good.


    But about Dictionary.

    MI is best ( I think) .. because It have many dictionary for you in many language not only thai.

    Apithan is good
    I like apithan because It can help me, when I have wrong spelling
    Like "colidoor" ... Apithan can search correct word .. corridor for me.


    ThaiPOS have tool name "Thai Complete"
    Like "Word Complete"
    Like "Text Plus"
    but in thai

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    About your Problem (Reset Loop)
    You can "Warm Reset"
    Hold "Up" on 5way Navigator
    and then reset

    Wait until reset is complete
    then release "Up"

    Delete ThaiHack from your Palm
    Then SoftReset again
    (Soft Reset = Normal Reset)
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    Yes - I was able to delete ThaiHack. Bad ThaiHack, bad ThaiHack.
    I will try ThaiPOS - they wrote back to an email I sent and told me they have README instructions in English.
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    Yes , when you download ThaiPOS for Treo 650

    it will have readme.txt in that zip file.

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    Apply to French as well? Thanks
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    I am also learning Thai as a second language & I have ThaiPOS installed on my Treo. Bonus is it also enables (english) Grafitti without having to load other software. Out of the ThaiPOS package I also loaded ThaiWrite (write Thai Grafitti character) + Fonts 5.1 which excellent little program for anything not just Thai. In certain programs Thai fonts that run everywhere do not look so good eg. WorldMate degree symbol is changed to Thor Than or something (I can't remember it's exact name) so for certain applications that you can on & off - you can setup up to use the normal system fonts.

    I haven't loaded any of the other stuff (keybaords, Overlays etc.) I also run Apithan - from the card with the 'So' dictionary set. (it's too big to leave on the HH).

    I haven't seen any talking Dictionary etc. If you see anything like this let me know...
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    I've been using ThaiPOS/ThaiWrite and like them a lot. I also found a flashcard program called Lexi ( that works well with ThaiPOS. You can enter info in Thai using the keyboard/grafitti. You can also use a Thai software keyboard in Windows to create flashcard databases. It's free and not as fully featured as some other apps I've seen (e.g. Anki seems to have better flashcard organization but you can't create flashcards on the handheld).

    I've been using ThaiDict (though I haven't bought it yet) - how does it compare to Apithan?
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    Sorry Have not tried ThaiDict. I have never gone past Apithan because the dictionary data file (actually one of many available) is the same company as the 'So' published dictionaries available in book stores that most of my colleges used at work & most people have in their houses. Dictionary may be easy to use but really depends on the quality of the data. Often some dictionaries have many meanings (esp thai -> English) but the first one is not the most common use. I often cross check with my wife with the paper dictionaries (pocket) & found them to be off the mark. But I know I can trust the So Sethaputra versions...

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