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    Quote Originally Posted by jrd
    The best use I have found is to listen to my music collection at home using PTunes Deluxe and gloonet (
    sweet!!! this will really come in handy
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    Great info Tag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kronium
    Yeah, too bad I can't afford a 2 gig SD card, because I can't fit anything else on my 512 mb card!
    Everytime I download porn the SD card pops right out of the socket.
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    Hey Steve du ucant get mine to work at liveatc what do ineed to Do>???????????
  5. #85, of course! Plus other forums.

    MobiTV if it improves.
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    I use it to program my Tivo remotely.

    So picture this ... about a year ago ... I am outside of Yankee stadium before game 1 of the ALCS. My group of friends get interviewed by the Boston fox station. After the interview - he says it will be on Fox at 7pm and 11pm. It was about 6:15pm. We pop in to the nearest bar - order a round - while waiting .. I fire up the browser, surf to my tivo (tivoweb enabled), set it up to record fox at 6:55-7:35 and 10:55-11:35. Beers arrive, mission accomplished. Too bad the Sox lost!

    When I get home - Tivo successfully recorded both clips. Turns out that there are two separate clips with different quotes. I ftp them to my PC and burn DVDs for all.

    Not the only thing I do --- but the coolest.
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    wow I didn't know about the directory assistant, it is awesome, thanks!!
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