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    Quote Originally Posted by lghitis
    Bluejet welcome screen is annoying.
    I checked on the FileZ program, and I check ROM, I see under phone_spcs 3 files:
    1. phone_spcs which shows like a blzck card and is 160k
    2. phone_spcs which shows a doc and is 160k
    3.phone_spcs_enUS shows a blck card and is 7.5k.

    When I uncheck the ROM , only the second one remains, and this is the only one I am unable to delete. The other 2, It does not allow me to do it.

    Any ideas besides doing a hard reset that I dont want to do?

    Delete #2. The one with the doc next to it. Then restart the phone.
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    Excellent. It work. Now I see the Sprint logo.
    Thanks very much.
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