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    Well, I think there was something wrong or corrupted with my verichat installation. I wasn't even connecting properly to the pdaaps servers so I completely uninstalled and reinstalled the latest beta and everything is fine again! Also the newest version seems pretty stable for me!

    Thanks guys!
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    I have had verichat for several years. I have updated via sync rather than over the air since in the past twice it caused "issues". Since I am out of the USA for a couple months I guess I will update it when I get back. I don't want it to not working and the only issue I have with the last release is the sometimes lack of disconnection when I quit and disconnect. I since disconnect each service one by one and then exit and that seems to work ok..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treolo
    For those of you that are getting resets you need to contact and submit your issues. I installed the lates beta on my Sprint Treo 650 and now I'm getting random resets for no reason while using Verichat. The previous beta was rock solid, I don't know what they did, but it is not looking good. I've emailed them today regarding my issues and if more people report issues they might actually do something about it.

    Yeah, well... I've been *trying* to submit my issues to them -- frequently and annoying resets during events like receiving an IM or switching in or out of Verichat.... not *always* but getting to be a few times in an hour if I keep restarting it. Has anyone got an older beta, esp 2.85b, that they wouldn't mind sharing a copy of? I keep asking PDAapps for it, but they keep telling me to reinstall 2.86b. I just can't do that to my Treo... to abuse it with restarts this way...
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