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    Frustrated by the extreme slowness of the native photo viewer app on my Treo 650, I decided to try Splash Photo today. It works great; much faster.

    However, I have found that a number of my photos are now showing up as blank on the Palm desktop media viewer.

    Has anyone else experienced this? And how do I get them back? I would like to continue using the desktop software, but use Splash on the device.


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    Anyone? Help!
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    Yes, exactly the same thing happened to me. I deleted SplashPhoto, which I did not like as much as Media, and had to load all the corrupted photos again. I find the media app very fast. once it has created a thumbnail for all your photos, it is very fast at redrawing when you back to the app. Plus it is directly linked to the camera app, which is important.
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    not had this issue with spashphoto.

    splashphoto also links directly to, and will control, the camera.
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    How did you reload the corrupted photos? This is very annoying!
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    The photos are showing up ok on the handheld; just not on the desktop.

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