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    Hello, does anyone know of a good source to pick up a couple Treo 600s without a camera? Either for Cingular or unlocked GSM. I managed to find one on Ebay, but need a couple more for our office.

    Cingular says they don't have the 650 without camera -- I'd be curious to know if anyone has info about whether that's available unlocked without camera also.

    I tried to search, but couldn't use the word "without" in the search, so I apologize in advance if this has already been asked ad nauseum.

    Thanks much!
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    No ideas anyone? (bump) Ebay is out there, but they come up slowly and I need to find a couple for the office.

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    There was talk about a Treo 600 without a camera...

    But the only thing I have ever see are where people modified their treo case. They removed the camera lense and filled it in with plastic.
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    you need to contaact business dept of the carrier I know both the t600 and t650 exist WITHOUT CAMERA from sprint. I've had both in my hands. they are real
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    FWIW, y original VZW Treo600 did not have the camera (I specifically ordered it that way). But, when it broke and VZW swapped it, they sent one with the camera - supposedly don't have any non-camera models any longer.
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    Thanks - I've managed to get my hands on one via Ebay, need two more. I saw them on the Sprint website, but unfortunately nobody listened at my office so they went with Cingular and then asked me to find Treos with no cameras, even though the Cingular rep said Cingular didn't have any..

    So, there are some out there, but it takes a little fleabay mojo to find them.
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    I had a Treo 600 without a camera as well, but it was through Sprint. If I remember correctly, Sprint was the only carrier to have them. I could be mistaken though!
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