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    Okay, I've this 650 now and I want to use it for everything it has, including bluetooth.
    What all can I use bluetooth on? I've a wireless headset on it's way, that's one thing, but what else is there?
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    Hotsyncing, transfering files to/from other devices, dial-up internet gateway are some of the most popular uses...
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    Okay, then what do I need on my computer to hotsync via bluetooth? I'm on a laptop w/wireless internet and infrared, but those dont sound like what I'm lookin' for.....
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    Can you send a contact to a blackberry and vice versa via bluetooth or is this not possible?
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    I have a USB bluetooth adapter discreetly plugged in to the back of my computer. You'll need to set bluetooth up on your lappy - it takes some doing - do a search for "bluetooth hotsync" for more info.
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    You can also use a bluetooth keyboard. That's my next purchase, but they are getting mixed reviews. Anyone have experience they want to share on this one?
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