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    I bought one on April 18th and by July 13th the "leather" on the clip had completely come apart. Upon inspection, it was easy to see that no animals were harmed in any way in the construction of the P6 pouch. There is no leather, just fake leather on fabric backing. The product is misrepresented and will not stand up to prolonged use. Treo Store is completely unwilling to address the issue claiming that since it is past the 30 day return date they will do nothing. Save your money and buy a better case from a different company.
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    The Treo Store shouldn't honor anything past the 30 days - we've already heard from folks complaining about leather items not being leather and if that's the case, I'd think we'd hear from a lot more in this regard.

    But after 30 days you should be contacting the manufacturer.

    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    First, this should be posted in the accessories forum.

    I have this same case, but from ebay. Yes, it does not seem that the covering on the clip is leather. However, to expect a replacement after three months is not reasonable. For the money, it is a nice case and has held up well for me.
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    I am going to bestbuy & demand them to return a case that I bought three months ago. Most if not all stores, online or otherwise have a return policy. You can return things within this policy. If after, then you are SOL. This is the norm.

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