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    I have a Sprint treo 600 and once every couple of days it will show a battery with an "x" across it. I looked it up in the book and it does not show it. When I try to charge it it will not show the lightning bolt and will not charge. I have visited the palmone website and followed the help, but it does not seem to work. The only thing that I have not tried is the hard reset and the battery disconnect, but I was wondering if there was anything anyone else had come across. Thanks!

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    A previous one I had also exhibited the same action and upon a trip to Sprint, it was determined to be a defective battery and subsequently replaced. Ben
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    palm will tell you to hard reset to get rid of any third party software. That won't work. Just had mine replaced six days ago. The replacement had a faulty headset jack and now I'm waiting for another replacement.
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    I decided to buy a new battery online. I then decide to open up the treo and try and do a manual battery disconnect, and now it seems to be working okay, but I only did that last night, so we will see. Thanks for the help.


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