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    Okay, I just upgraded from my 600 to my 650 yesterday and I must say what sold me alone is the high res. Yeah, I'm a sucker for that stuff.
    Anywho... I'm noticing a lil delay in reaction with the 650. Say it's sleeping and I press the calender button to turn on the screen or something, it takes a nice second or so until the screen actually turns on. And like calling, if I select a contact it takes like 2-3 seconds until it even attempts... It goes to a white screen then tries calling. Oh, and emails, when I send out an email, I click "send" and nothing happens for 'bout 5 seconds then it connects and sends. What's the deal? Am I missing an upgrade?
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    What carrier?
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    Your firmware version should be 1.12

    If it's not you can get the latest here...
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    I have the same issues. I am with verizon and have the latest upgrades.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeathtoToasters
    I have the same issues. I am with verizon and have the latest upgrades.
    Well, if you're with have the only upgrades!

    Everybody on Sprint phones, however, should have version 1.12
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    Try turning off Bluetooth? When bluetooth is off, the phone wakes up faster. I use BlueFang to keep Bluetooth off until I enter the phone application.

    Sometimes BlueFang gets into a wierd mode though, where it prompts before it rings the phone, but in this case I just uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and it worked fine.

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    How do I check my firmware versions?
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    Go into phone application, then go to options and select phone info. Has all the info such as phone number, username, software version (firmware), etc.
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    yup, just found it, i'm 1.08... dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn i'm goin' 1.12 i guess
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    The latest firmware fixes the all the NFVS issues that cause the OS delays due to 512 KB chunk size writes in the DB cache fyi...
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    My Orange UK 650 has been been flashed to f/w 1.23 s/w 1.13-ROW and I also have this issue. It does seem to take a long time for the unit to come out of 'stand by' when pressing any of the hard keys. This is with and without bluetooth on.
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    If you are running Datebk5, then try purging all completed tasks. This should make switching to and from datebk5 alot faster.

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