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    I've been using a Logitch Mobile Pro headset for about a month. I really like it. However, for the past week or two, i keep finding the headset turned OFF. At first I thought it was just user error, but it keeps happening even when I'm sure i haven't touched it.

    When i first got it, it would stay turned on for days. Now, it seems that if i don't use it for a day or so, it turns itself off. This happens with full battery, sitting in the charger, or when off the charger.

    Anyone else seen this?

    I think it started happening around the time I updated my treo to the 1.23/1.13 firmware, but I'm not sure if that is related. I'm 100% sure the headset is actually turning itself off (rather than just not answering) because the blue light no longer blinks, and if I hold down the select button for 5 seconds, i get the 5-blue blinks (which means it has just turned back on).
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    This occurred with my setup, a Sprint Treo 600 and a Jabra A210 bluetooth adapter. In addition, it tore up the ears, so I got rid of it real quick. Ben

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