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    With the updated Treo 650 (Verizon) version of the Palm Desktop, I'm having a big problem I didn't have with previous Palm desktops. Advice appreciated.

    For data security reasons, I want to change the default storage locations of my Palm Desktop data. Using the Options menu, I tell the Palm Desktop to put its files on a drive that is not automatically mounted at startup. (I change the storage folder from C:\Documents and Settings....\Palm OS Desktop to P:\Palm.) It works fine for me all day. At the end of the day I quit Palm Desktop, unmount the P: drive and log off. Did that yesterday.

    This morning I was careful to mount the P: drive first, and THEN launch Palm Desktop. Even so, launching Palm Desktop brings up a dialog asking me to "Select a User" -- and there's no user in the dialog box to select. Opening Hotsync Manager from the System tray produces the message, "There are no users in the database."

    Why is this happening? Does anyone know where Palm Desktop stores its user database normally, and where it stores the database when you move the main storage folder? I thought I knew the answers to this. Even now the P:\Palm folder contains my User folder (GellmaB) and a Users.dat file. Why can't Palm Desktop see that?

    I tried copying the Users.dat file by itself to the C:\PalmOne folder, then launched Palm Desktop. No change. I also tried putting Users.dat into the C:\Documents and Settings...\Palm OS Desktop folder, same result. I even tried moving the Users.dat file AND the folder containing my User data (GellmaB) to those two locations, successively, without improving the situation.

    Three thoughts occur to me, and I solicit others.

    1. Though I don't launch Palm Desktop before mounting the P: drive, Hotsync Manager is part of my Startup program group and it's in the system tray before P: is mounted. Is that the problem?

    2. Is there something stored in the Registry that tells Palm Desktop where to look for its user database, and do I have to change that?

    3. Is there some other file besides Users.dat that has to move?

    The only way I know to get going again today is to rename the P:\Palm folder, create a new User with my normal Hotsync name, sync up the Treo, and then tell Palm Desktop again to change its storage folder. I can't keep doing that every day. Please help.
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    Just figured it out. I had to remove Hotsync from my Startup program group. The volume with Palm Desktop store has to be mounted before Hotsync OR Palm Desktop are launched, or user database is lost.
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    Can you not just reconnect the share at startup? That way it would be mounted when Hotsync Manager came up.
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    Not sure I could control whether the reconnect came first. Anyway, I prefer for security reasons that it be manually mounted and password-protected. I'm willing to have the hassle of manually starting Hotsync afterward.

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