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    All of my text messages are delayed, sometimes 3 or 4 days. I subscribe to CNN news alerts and I often get them 4 days after they happen. Anyone else expierencing these type of delays on Cingular? Yes, i tried Cingular tech support, they were no help. They told me that they 'reset' my settings and I should be all set. Not!
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    Did you happen to port your phone number?
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    My wife sent me a mutlimedia message a couple weeks ago. I finally got a text from Cingular eight days later providing me with a link and logon information to some webpage they have with the picture she sent me on it..strange stuff
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    Quote Originally Posted by AddictedToTech
    Did you happen to port your phone number?
    As a matter of fact, I did. Why?
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    Your SMS delay could be purely a problem with your provider or something unrelated to your porting... but there is a problem that can occur with SMS with numbers are ported. I know that the problem can cause people not to receive some messages at all, but I don't know if it causes a "delay".

    My number was ported and there are some SMS services that I do not receive messages from; which they attribute to that issue. I don't know if that's the actual reason, all I know is that I get messages all day long from some people and not at all from others.
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    I again called tech support and again they 'adjusted' my settings. things seem a little better now, only time will tell.
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