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    Debating between the two, for everyday picture viewing
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    I personally think that Acidimage has a lot better pics, and is less cumbersome. Resco seems cluttered and too complicated for a simple task like picture viewing.
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    I don't know if Resco does it, but the image-send feature on AI Pro is killer. The batch processing before E-mailing/sending is awesome if you're trying to send a bunch of 640x480 pictures. I usually drop all pictures to 320 or 160 before E-mailing and it's all automated and doesn't touch the original pictures.
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    I like the transitions and editing features in Resco. Won't be doing too much picture swapping. Acidbasic is about half the price of Resco though.
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    I think Resco has animated gif file support but then AI said they are planning to have it in their next update.
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    I'm facing this decision. I only need the fax viewing capabilitites. Niether have been updated lately. I hate to purchase and then need to buy an update right away. Any more thoughts.
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    If you're using eFax - switch to .pdf files and use PalmPDF - it's free (but make a donation if you like it).
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    Thanks I'm using Maybe I should switch to efax. I have the new docs to go premium with native pdf support.

    Mostly I use it to view documents faxed to my Small Business Server which then emails me a copy. Tiff is the file format.
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    Ok I have tried both. When I try viewing a tiff image with Resco I scroll to it with the file browser and the icon looks like a green clock for a second and then it turns red with a white x through it? If I try to open it a message box says FAX: Bad image OK. Is this a limitation of the trial vs. of Resco? Some things I have tried are: Uninstalling Acid Image Pro, Deleting all fax images from card, clearing chatters downloads using clearattc, loading different fax attachments, etc.

    Also whenever, I recieve an email with a fax attachment in Chatter it asks if I wan't to open it with Resco and when I choose ok it appears to process it and then kicks me to my first email message (not the one with the fax attachment).

    I guess I could just go with Acid Image Pro since it works but I'd like to view a fax with Resco before I decide.
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    I have used Acid Image Pro with efax for a while now. It has been reliable and problem free for me. It is also easy to zoom, rotate, pan, etc. with the tiff files I receive. It's expensive, though.

    I haven't tried Resco so I can't compare the two.
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    Resco viewer for me! :
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