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    Because I am so jealous of those Pocket PC users and their ready to rock Tivo To Go, I set out to figure a way that we Treo/Palm users could do the same thing. I did it! Sitting here watching an episode of Law and Order on the Treo, woooowoooooooo!
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    Going to explain you how you did it?
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    I uploaded the show of my choice to the PC from Tivo to Tivo Desktop via WiFi. This takes more than a minute so do it when you have other things to entertain yourself with.
    Locate the selected TivoFile and use the program called 'Direct Show Dump' to strip the file and convert it to a usable mpeg. Program can be found at
    Due to the size of the file, I used Nero Recode and changed it to Mobile format leaving me with color video/audio, no stuttering, lip syncs, etc for a total file size of 78.5MB.
    It is a timely process, but what a great way to catch up on your favorite shows while you're traveling.
    My Treo: I think I'll keep her. All dressed up for prom and her date Foleo stood her up
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    If you're going through a PC, wouldn't it be easier to just use one of the Windows PVRs and record directly to the PC?

    I'm on a Mac, but have thought about picking up a Hauppauge setup to put into my old Windows box just to get TV shows onto the Treo.
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    The newest version of Recode handles .tivo files nicely, so you can skip that extra step. When you export the new file, it strips out the DRM also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PabloTX
    I'm on a Mac, but have thought about picking up a Hauppauge setup to put into my old Windows box just to get TV shows onto the Treo.
    How about using EyeTV ( on the Mac?
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    I've thought about that, but there are a few things going against it.

    1- Price
    2- My Powerbook isn't conveniently placed near a cable outlet. I've thought about using the Windows box up in a closet (where it currently is, acting as a file/print server) and continuing to access it via VNC to set up and transfer recordings.

    But the fact is that I don't have a big need for mobile video. For those few times that I'm on the road, MacTheRipper and D-Vision do fine for ripping and encoding DVDs that I own.

    I would like to get shorter (15-30 minute shows) to take with me as well, but the time it takes to record, move, encode, transfer, etc. I could have watched the episode twice.
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    I use Snapstream's Beyond TV and AutoGK to get my shows on my treo. "Preparation time" is about 25 seconds, with "bake time" being three times the length of the show (1x to record it, 2x to mp4 it). Ends up around 30 megs for a half hour show, and it looks great. Unfortunately, this defeats my policy of no TV in the bedroom (because I'd watch it when I should be sleeping). Must learn some self control. :-)
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    I'd rather just find someone who already records/encodes the shows I'd be interested in and get them from them.

    Family Guy
    Robot Chicken
    Reno 911
    and maybe some others.
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    I have those, but I won't give them to you. That could possibly be illegal (though it isn't entirely clear, I think).
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    Yeah, I know.

    Again, I just think that for something that quick, it's just as easy to watch it than to go through the steps of getting it onto a Treo. Unless I know I'm going to need some entertainment for a while, I don't bother with it. And if I do, it's usually full length movies.

    I just hope tha the Robot Chicken season wraps up soon so they'll put out a DVD. I just found it a few weeks ago and have only seen about 4 episodes.
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    How does the Beyond TV software work as far as recording and cutting the commercials?

    How does it compare to the WinTV-PVR software from Hauppauge? (if you know)
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    I dont' know how it compares, but if you have a Hauppage card, you can use a demo for free and check it out yourself. BTV marks commercials so you can easily skip through them (just press the "up" button on your remote and you're right back to your show). There are tools to cut the commericials, but I haven't experimented with them yet.

    It records into MPEG (if you have a hardware recording card) and has an option of recompressing into WMV (which shaves ~60% of the file size)
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    My friends convinced me to go with the ReplayTV technology a while back. I bought a Replay 5540 with a 200GB hard drive off eBay a while back for around $500. Under pressure from MPAA or whoever are the network lobbyists, they took out commercial advance but my unit had the previous OS that allowed it.

    So, Replay is connected via Ethernet to my home PC, loaded with a utility called DVArchive, which can copy shows from my Replay to local disk. I setup batch processes to copy shows locally to the disk on the PC, and then use Pocket DVD Studio to format the shows to be played on MMPlayer.

    MMPlayer doesn't know about commercials, so I have become skilled at clicking the right-nav button about 30 times to get through a commercial segment.

    Works well for me, only about three steps and reliable.

    Not TiVo, but analogous!

    Go Replay...
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    phildro - get the replaytvtools at and you can easily strip out the commercials.
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    with ETivo (mentioned in the 3rd post) and a hacked TiVo (maybe also with a non hacked series 2 with Tivo 2 Go, I don't know) - you can have it automatically pull the programs off your tivo and re-encode them for your Treo. If you were feeling REALLY industrious you could probably also set it up to push it automatically to your Treo via Bluetooth or via the internet.

    Of course I'm all talk and I haven't set this up for myself yet, but I will one day. If you feel like diving in:


    Hacking your Tivo

    be prepared to spend a lot of time on this - but it's fun and rewarding.
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    Ok, I broke down and went with a tivo after trying Beyond TV the past year. BTV is ok, but it takes a beefy machine and to be honest Tivo's interface is, well, beyond Beyond TV.

    So now I'm stuck trying to get my .Tivo files to my Treo 600. I already purchased the Kinoma Producer & Player and had good luck going from Beyond TV squeezed to MPEG4 for the Kinoma Player so I wanted to keep using it.

    However, after using DirectShow Dump to take .tivo to mpeg2 and then Kinoma producer to get it down to Treo file size and mpeg4. The resulting file played poorly, halting every 2-3 seconds.

    Any input on a better process I could try?
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    I wish there was somthing like the VR100K that Sony made for the Clie that exists for the Treo! Heck, all the VR100 would have to do is support SD cards, and that would be enough...
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    Actually, that's easier than you think. Get one of those multi-format USB adapters, pull the file off the memory stick onto the computer, and then push it onto the SD card.

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    I gotta bump this thread. I'm at a dead end in this.

    Edited to add, can we include the 600 regarding this thread topic? Thanks.
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