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    Is there a bluetooth headset out there that is decent and can both initiate and hang up a call on the 650 that doesn't require you to reach down and hit keys on the treo? Obviously the initiate would require a voice dialer.
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    The HBH-660 will hang up a call. I do not believe there is a BT headset which will initiate a call though I have read some posts from people using the Logitec Mobile Headset Pro who state that they are having some success redialing.

    To the best of my knowledge the Treo 650 does not support voice dialing via BT.
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    the scala does answer and redial calls but there is no bt dialing with the treo...
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    There's Sprint's Voice Command service that's like $5/mo if it's that important to you. But that's like a $120 solution for 2 yrs. I wouldn't do it, but it's there!

    As for initiating calls...I dunno of any BT headsets that do it...but then again, I don't know of many BT headsets.

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