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    What you see on your Treo (or other web-enabled device) is just scratching the surface of what this solution offers. CLP Suite is a complete sales force/contact management solution. You are only seeing the VERY BASIC features in the live demo listed below.

    The Treo interface is optimized to work with the five-way navigation with one hand without ever having to use the stylus. This is the mobile professional view and features. The non-mobile solution gives you access to much, much more. No matter whether you are accessing CLP from your laptop or Treo, you are using the same database.

    We have enhanced our suite of solutions by adding an optimized interface for the Treo 650. You no longer have to deal with lost or duplicated data when you synchronize. All your information is available to you in real-time, 24/7, wherever you are. With CLP Mobile™ the world is ON the Palm™ IN your hand.

    For a limited time, we are running a promotion for TreoCentral users. If you click on the Promo link below, you can sign up for a CLP One solution with NO CONTRACT (normally $29) for the annual contract pricing ($19 per month). Additionally, we will waive the initial setup fee of $49.

    Promotional Code: 324PDN7Y88X

    Here is a link to a live demo that is accessible from the Treo:
    Password: qwerty

    *UPDATE* 7-26-05
    You can now send e-mails with file attachments using CLP Mobile right from Blazer.

    To arrange a webinar for a one-on-one guided tour of the mobile and main solution, please submit a demo request and you will be contacted to set a time.

    More information:
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    In response to some of your e-mail questions:

    Yes, it is optimized to work with the Treo.
    Yes, it is customizable at the user level.
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    is this a data synchcroniation server of some kind?
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    Absolutely not...there is no software involved and DEFINATELY NO SYNC-ING. THis is real-time browser based access to your contact and sales information using the same database whether you are on your Treo or on your laptop. The interface for the mobile device has been optimized so that you can use the five-way to navigate the entire system with one hand. The speed of the handheld interaction makes it a joy to use as well. We are a sales force/contact management solution developer that has optimized our solutions to work seemlessly with the Treo and other handheld wireless devices. You never have to install, sync, or store anything on either your desktop or handheld. It is a radical new way of making sales professionals truly mobile so that their office is anywhere.

    Does anyone else have any feedback after browsing the solution on their Treo? The real eye-opener is seeing the interaction between the desktop and handheld solutions, so feel free request a demo on our website so we can log you into a webinar and showoff the entire solution.

    Here is a link to a live demo that is accessible from the Treo:
    Password: qwerty
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    We have recieved some questions about Apple interaction. The desktop solution works seamlessly with Safari on a Mac
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    Well I have had the PLEASURE of going thru a live demo with Jim, and this is my opinion. I read about it, and it sounded very interesting to be able to have all those options, and not have to worry about losing any data with resets ect. So I signed up for a live demo. It didn't take 24 HRS and I got a call from Jim R. from CLP, and asked me if I have a few minutes, I had, so there started my live demo.
    Let me tell ya, I enjoyed One on One demo from begining to end,he explained me everything how it works LIVE, and gave me all the time in the world (like half an hour or more) even though he knew that it's only a 50/50 chance that I will sign up for it, and that's only the demo...

    now the "product" is amazing.... There are too many things to specify here, but it's not only for contacts, leads, appointments, tasks, proposals, projects, reports, ect, its much more. Its a REAL business solution center.. And done with much ease.
    I enjoyed the demo VERY, VERY much, and recomend everyone to sign up for the one on one live demo.
    If you are a salesman/woman, or business owner that relies on sales, and leads ect. this is THE solution for you...

    I am in NO WAY affiliated with them whatsoever, but when I see an amazing product that other people like me will enjoy, I like to share it...
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    Mahootzki, Thanks so much for taking the time to post your feedback.
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    My pleasure, I realy enjoyed it.
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    SOunds interesting
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    *UPDATE* 7-26-05
    You can now send e-mails with file attachments using CLP Mobile right from Blazer.
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    Some common questions we have been getting that I want to address in this thread:

    1) What does CLP stand for?
    -- Contact Lead Pipeline.

    2) Does this require an exchange server?
    -- No. Our hosting partner is All of the interaction between your wireless handheld device or desktop browser is between your client and their servers. Nothing (no files, no documents, nothing) is installed or stored on your PC or Treo. Our solution works with any smartphone/PDA straight out of the box using Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari, Blazer, etc. Your IT department does nothing.

    2) How does the e-mail functionality work?
    -- If you are logged in to a PC-based browser, you can send e-mails individually or as part of an e-mail marketing campaign, right from CLP. You can upload a file to attach from your hard drive or you can select from any documents you have previously uploaded into your "CLP Documents" that are stored on the solution. Every e-mail that is sent is stored in "Contact History" and you are given the option of simply sending it off the system, or sending through Outlook so a copy is saved in your sent mail.
    -- If you are logged in to your wireless handheld device, you can send e-mails through CLP and you can select "virtual attachments" from any document in your CLP Documents. Here is a are at a client meeting. Your client gives you a referral to someone he believes you should be doing business with. Within one can pull out your Treo, enter the new contact as a referral under your existing client's record, and send the referral an e-mail with some of your marketing literature as an attachment. Since the document is already on our servers...the e-mail takes no time at all to send. You can then schedule another task or appt for yourself or someone else on your team to take the next step with the new contact. Since both you and your team are using CLP Suite in real-time, everyone on your team is on the same page and everyone on your team looks like one cohesive unit.

    4) What do I get with CLP One for $19 a month?
    --Full featured CRM - including task and appointment management, 100 MB of online document storage, CLP Mobile, our marketing suite (e-mail blasts, bulk appointments, referral request e-mail forms, and some others), complete contact management and sales lead management, a control panel to customize the solution to match your business model, A full-featured reporting module, a goal-setting area, and much, much more.

    Please keep the questions and demos coming. It is a pleasure to work with such a passionate and inquisitive group of informed consumers. You guys know your stuff.
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