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    Those of you with a HBH-660 Bluetooth Headset, does it make your your ear ache after a while, e.g. 30 minutes? At first it seems reasonably comfortable, but after a while I have to take it out because both the clip and the speaker part become uncomfortable.
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    Yes, the design of the HBH-660/662 hurts my ears too. The hook is too inflexible to comfortably fit either ear for more than 45 minutes. I finally removed the offending ear hook and replaced it with a Jabra ear gel. The gel is not quite as secure as the original hook, but it's much more comfortable.

    The HBH-660/662 is an excellent headset which works very well with a Treo 650, but that ear hook really needs a re-design IMHO.
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    Must be certain ears. I can wear mine all day and hardly know it's there.
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    I find my extremely uncomfortable as well. I ended up giving it to my GF. She can wear it all day long. I agree that the hook should be redesigned to make it a universal fit for every ear.
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    Get the Jabra ear gels. There are two different type of openings. There is the one that the clear one has. And then there is the multicolor one with wings. Those wings actually keep the ear gel attached to the hbh662. It works great. I tried the clear ones, and they just didn't work at all. And i went to best buy and noticed that there were two different multicolored ones. One that are the same as the clear and one that has wings. Get that one, it works great!
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    Wings? If its not asking too much, would you please post a pic of these wings because I have the colored and clear and have no idea what you're talking about.

    And sometimes the fit becomes a little uncomfortable. Yes, it is the earhook that causes the discomfort, but without the eargels, the hook is worthless. I have worn my 660 with just the gels w/o the hook, but both of them combined gives me a more secure feeling.
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    I'm interested in purchasing a used 660/662 for a reasonable price. If anyone has one they want to get off their hands, send me a PM. I have the 300 and use the eargels, but the clip cannot be removed so I want to experiment with either a 660 or 662, but would like to save a few bucks in the process.
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    I have used the 662 for the last few weeks now. I REALLY like this headset. People can hear me clearly inside and out. I do wish the volume was a bit louder for me to hear, but that's usually just a problem in noisy conditions. I bought Jabra gels, but they won't fit, and I'm not putting glue on this headset.

    Anyway, back to the hook, there have been several occassions at night when I have laid down for bed and realized this thing is still hooked to my ear. It's that comfortable for me! The best one I've used yet.

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